AEG Automotive Power Inverter

AEG Automotive Power Inverter
(Inverter) 12V to 230V


The high AEG-voltage converter (inverter) has been developed for the electrical devices from 230 volt to 12 volt car battery. With the right voltage converter AEG you have an outlet for the move at hand (12V to 230V). Ideal for powering and charging of mobile phone, camera, shaver, laptop, TV and much more. AEG Automotive Power Inverter - Perfect in form and function.

VIDEO: Inverter + Watt controller + Senseo  (iPhone & iPad)   (Windows)  

The AEG inverter works perfectly in combination with the Watt controller; the electrical devices such as water cooker, hairdryers, Dulce Gusto, or Senseo (7810), take less power from the battery.