Explanation Watt Contoller

With the Watt controller
you have sufficient power at 3 ampere

* Very easy to use
* No special equipment for the camping
* The connected power  adjusts automatically down
* The camping fuse will not break down (by internal security)
* and little domestic machines up to 2000 watts even remain functioning

The ideal device to use on a camping-site and at a marina

Comfort and ease like at home
Do you wish the same comfort and ease on your holiday, like at home: take your coffee machine and pads, your oven, water boiler, raclette / grilling, hair dryer and what about your fryer. From now on this all is possible, even if you only have 4 ampere! Use a Watt controller and the currency at your camping site or marina won’t be disconnected; so you can stay on your site!

What the Watt controller doing?
With the Watt controller you can use many small domestic electric devices, without the electricity on the camping site or marina being  shut down! Even if you use electric devices up to 2000 watts at 3, 4 or 6 ampere!!! On a camping site or marina with a connection of e.g. 4 ampere, you can only use devices up to a maximum of 920 watts total, so you can forget your coffee making machine with pads, but.... with a Watt controller connected, you can make your delicious cup of coffee. Also baking chips at 4 ampere is possible and even the preparation of delicious oven meals is within reach! Whether there is 3, 4 or 6 ampere available, by putting the Watt controller in the right position (3, 4 or 6) you can connect various electric devices. You don’t have to be afraid that the currency at your camping site or marina will be disconnected!: the camping site janitor or the one at the marina will be grateful.
At 3, 4 or 6 ampere, among other things, the following machines can be used

Electric devices can be used without a problem with the Watt controller. So you don’t need to buy special electric devices for the camping-site, because you already have them at home. Pay attention: did you already buy special camping devices (1000 watt),  in most cases they can’t be used on camping-sites where 4 ampere is regular, but they can be used by using a Watt controller.
What do you have to do when you reach your holiday address?
  • first get information about the quantity of amperes you have at your camping site or marina
  • put the Watt controller in a socket of the caravan or boat.
  • press the RESET button until the right position of amperes, is indicated:

light burns:
3 = 3 ampere

4 = 4 ampere

6 = 6 ampere

If you want to use another socket, the adjusted value is maintained.
Check in the chart “electrical devices/Ampere” if the device can be connected.
If you have connected one electrical device to the Watt controller, there is enough power left for e.g. one fridge, for lights and for example even a TV.
The Watt controller is protected during use against too high temperatures and power.
the three lights burn

2,5 sec.

2,5 sec.

2,5 sec

Watt controller gets warm or overheated
Do you use, for example, a barbecue of 1600 watts, then the Watt controller can get warm. Does the temperature get too high, then the barbecue will be switched off automatically and the three lights, with a pause of 2,5 seconds, blink ONE time; after the Watt controller has cooled down the light of the adjusted value will burn continuously again (pay attention: don’t place the controller in the sun). If you want to use the Watt controller during a longer period of time, then put it a position lower: with the RESET button you,  for example,  put the position from 6 to 4 ampere. If you use too much power, the Watt controller will be switched off (see malfunction)
the three lights burn
2,5 sec.

0,5 sec
2,5 sec

0,5 sec
Malfunction Watt controller
When the three lights burn TWICE with an interval of 2,5 second, then you first have to turn off the electrical device that is the cause of the malfunction. Then press the RESET button of the Watt controller; now it is ready for use again and the light of the adjusted position will burn continuously.

Ift all three lights burn simultaneously, then you probably have too little voltage on the campsite. With out-dated electricity installations, the voltage at the camping-site or marina may sometimes be below 200 volts.
Princess Caffè Italiano 1600 watt
Depending on the amps on your campsite, your coffee - (pads) - machine will be 500 watts at 3 amps, 700 watts at 4 amps and 920 watts at 6 amps. So you can use your coffee-(pads)-machine of 1600 watts at 3 amps by connecting it to the Watt controller and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.
Caffè Italiano
Versatile "full function" coffee machine for use with the well-known soft pads of 70 mm in diameter. Complete with unique milk frother, patented creaming system and hot water tap. The milk frother and other accessories can be removed effortlessly for quick, easy cleaning.
The boiler of 300 watts stays on
You want to use small domestic electric devices and at the same time leave your boiler on: what do you have to do? The camping site or marina uses 6 amperes; you put the Watt controller on position 4 amperes and then you can connect  electric devices, while the boiler stays on.
You want to barbecue, but unfortunately an open fire is forbidden at many camping-grounds. Take an electric barbecue (max.1600 watts) or grilling-plate (1800 watts at 4 ampere +/- 160 degrees) with you and connect this to the Watt controller and you may start barbecuing!!!
Less gas
Also you can start using less gas, if, for example, you take your electrical heater from now on. Would you like to use no more gas at all, then you should buy an electrical boiling plate or baking oven (no microwave); that also has the advantage that you don’t have to cook inside the caravan in warm countries. In this way you will have earned your Watt controller back within a few years.
Camping in Italy
You made wonderful plans for your holiday; you want to go to a camping ground in Italy. Then, you arrive on the camping site and ... you only have a 3-ampere connection on the camping site. There you are, on the Garda Lake or in Toscana, with your Senseo, water boiler and little oven. The fuses are flying around. You turn off the lights and the fridge and try one again if the fuse stays in now. Unfortunately, even now, nothing works. Luckily, there is a solution to these problems now: the Watt controller.
Winter camping
Would you like more comfort during winter camping? Then leave your boiler  (with a minimum of 6 ampere) and at the same time use a hair dryer of 2000 watts for defrosting water pipes or water drain (Watt controller on position 4) or use an electric ventilation heater. Or what about baking chips outside in the snow or electric grilling with only 4 or 6 ampere? The Watt controller makes it possible.
The Watt controller can also be connected to one inverter of victron
Now it is also possible to use electrical devices in a parking lot with the campervan or on the water with the boat, by connecting the Watt controller to the Phoenix inverter of Victron energy (no block sinus):
  • With type 12 Volt 650VA it is possible to connect various electrical devices on the Watt controller, but only in position 3 (coffee machines  with pads don’t work).
  • With type 12V 1200VA it is possible to connect various electrical devices on the Watt controller, and also you can use position 4 and 6 and connect a coffee machine with pads of 1450 Watts.
Camping with the farmer  (Farmer camping Prinsenhof  ODIJK)
During camping at the farm, or a mini camping- site you cannot only enjoy the nice rural environment but you also can have a comfortable stay. Nowadays more and more comfort is offered. For example you can now use among other things internet connection, so with your own laptop you can go on the internet or use e-mail. Would you like more comfort on a mini camping site or farmer’s camping site?

Then use a Watt controller so you can also use your Senseo, hair dryer or iron at the farmer’s . Or what about baking chips or electrical gourmet/grill with friends at a mini camping site or farmers camping site with only 4 ampere, or, if you have 6 ampere even leave the boiler on at the same time. With the Watt controller this all is possible. You will enjoy camping at the farm.